Walk/Run/Ride/Dare Huh?

What’s all this about DARES??

On the second weekend of July every year something converges on the cities of Fontanelle and Greenfield, Iowa, and the spirit and soul of the event can be felt for months afterwards. Bar-2-Barbara was conceived with the intention of raising awareness and research funds for Huntington’s disease. Over the last 8 years what it has become is a gathering of friends from all corners and walks of life re-uniting for a common goal to defeat this horrific disease while honoring my mom’s memory by filling the town with love and laughter and plenty of shenanigans.

The walk/run/bike ride each start in Fontanelle, IA, which is where mom spent her final, debilitating stages of Huntington’s Disease in the nursing home. It ends 6 miles down the hilly highway in Greenfield where mom and dad raised our family for over 25 years.

As the gathering begins you may see grown adults in tutus and an occasional high heel. Don’t be alarmed though. It’s all part of the fun and probably part of a dare…that’s right, a dare. After the 6 mile walk/run/bike ride participants and spectators gather for the dare show on the square in Greenfield.

There is just one rule with the dares: they have to make mom laugh in heaven, not roll over in her grave 🙂  I’m pretty sure she has gotten a huge kick out of pies to the face, heads being shaven, eggs to the face, freezing cold milk baths on the square, push-ups into a gallon of pudding, and eating live crickets, just to mention a few!

After the dare portion at Greenfield Bowl, stay and enjoy music, more fun and the beer garden. Those who have suffered the wrath of the occasional milk bath in the Iowa summer heat sneak off to get refreshed and then return for the live music, beer garden, dancing and endless laughter.  We are looking forward to year 8 bringing more awareness, more funds, and more fun than ever! Join us, we dare you!

Click here for a video that explains all this nonsense 😉

Join us to Ride, Run or Walk!