Bar2Bar From Afar

Can’t make it to small town Iowa for our event?  You’re missing out.  For real.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t play along!

Register by July 1st and we will send you your 2017 Bar2Barbara shirt so you and your friends can do your own 10K from afar.  Bar2Bar From Afar!  Get it?!  🙂  Or maybe you’re just super lazy and don’t want to come and want us to be your T-shirt delivery service.  We can do that, too.
Aren’t we accommodating?  Here’s whatcha need to do

Smooth talk your friends into joining you. If you don’t have any friends (we still love you), you can do it alone. 🙂

  1. Register by July 1st at midnight
  2. We mail you a 2017 Bar2Barbara shirt
  3. You do a 10K your way any time during Bar2Barbara weekend (July 8-9)
  4. Walk/run/ride/scooter/skates/horse/we don’t care Surprise us! Just do it!
  5. Post pictures and videos of you doing your 10K and use any or all of the following hashtags

        #fuhd #b2b2017 #bar2barbara 

  1. Dares are never required but super fun and definitely urged so if you are able to obtain any dares for dollars by all means, do it.  Record it and use the same hashtags so we can all see each others goofy stunts afterwards.  Please be safe & family friendly.

That’s it!! You can hate HD from anywhere, we don’t discriminate. And we understand not everyone can always make it to the event. So go ahead, get registered! Bar2Bar From Afar isn’t quite the same as being at Bar2Barbara but creating awareness there is just as great as creating awareness here so it’s all good! Besides, there’s always next year 🙂